(or, a Brief Overview of the Author)

I am a firm believer in and stubborn advocate for the permanent things. We cannot judge the worthiness of ideas, objects or actions by their novelty or perceived progressiveness, for new ideas are frequently old heresies, already invented, analyzed, rejected and discarded, only to be forgotten and reintroduced to modernity as earth-shattering truths.

The only worthwhile goal—and what I strive for in these words—is the discovery, conservation and practice of those permanent things, those everlasting virtues.

Of revolution, G.K. Chesterton wrote:

“…There is no revolution that is not a restoration. Among the many things that leave me doubtful about the modern habit of fixing eyes on the future, none is stronger than this: that all the men in history who have really done anything with the future have had their eyes fixed upon the past.”

On a similar note, Russell Kirk said:

“Men cannot improve a society by setting fire to it: they must seek out its old virtues, and bring them back into the light.”

In a world of pyromaniacs, I hope to marry ancient wisdom to the modern age, to seek out and restore lost truths and to live out the permanent things.


This site runs on Statamic, a flat-file writing system. This site makes use of a self-designed theme called Rosine, named after the birthplace of fellow Kentuckian and Father of Bluegrass Music, Mr. Bill Monroe. All writing is prepared in Ulysses and uploaded to the site with ForkLift.

Brief Acknowledgment of Hypocrisy Within

“Do not think that I speak as one who teaches: I speak as one whose words condemn himself.” – Theophanis the Monk

As I get older, my thoughts and opinions are either appended beyond recognition or dropped altogether. You’ll find evidence of this in all the older articles you read. Things that once seemed important, aren’t. Things I once wrote about eagerly, I do no longer.

Writing is a bit of time travel that lets us look in on a particular moment, a particular mindset. I can hardly account for all the mindsets under which I’ve written, so please forgive me when you come across the many errors and contradictions scattered throughout.

About J.D. Bentley

I am an aspiring Orthodox Christian, a Kentuckian, a ruralist and a reluctant world traveler. Married to a Brazilian girl. Currently writing from hellishly sunny Rio de Janeiro.